June 28th 2018

Well, if you would like to read a magazine in Spanish, we have a few to recommend! All magazines, including the most current issues are free to check out with your Minuteman Library card.

National Geographic en Español  --  inspiraiόn para cuidar el planeta. A stunning array of photographic images from every corner of the planet with in-depth, well-researched articles. Become an adventurer with diverse writings on culture, people, natural marvels, the animal world, science and... Read Post

November 2nd 2017
Flipster being used on an iPad

We are happy to announce that our patrons can now access some of their favorite digital magazines using Flipster from EBSCO Information Services. Flipster is a next-generation magazine service that allows people to browse digital versions of the latest issues of popular magazines, courtesy of the library.

SPL provides access to the following digital titles:

The New Yorker ESPN Magazine Food Network Digital Photo National Geographic GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly)... Read Post
November 9th 2011
The landscape of literary magazines can be overwhelming. With over 600 journals on the market, how does a writer know where to submit work? Is it better to aim for prestigious journals and hope to catch the eye of literary agents? Or is it better to submit to journals with high acceptance rates? Should writers submit to dozens of journals at once or focus on a specific journal? What are the advantages of publishing online? Which editors give writers feedback on their work? What should go... Read Post
June 28th 2011
Every day, SPL staff help people find books, movies, music recordings, books on compact disc.  But many of our patrons don't talk to staff. They come in, look for something, and either find it (or don't) and just leave. Another fiscal year is about to start and we'll be purchasing again in a few weeks. Our budget's tighter than it used to be, but we still want to know: what have you looked for on our shelves that you didn't find? What do you wish we had? What do you want to see more of here?... Read Post
March 8th 2010
As a college student I'd often go to the library to work on a paper and then find creative ways to procrastinate: reading G. Gordon Liddy's unintentionally hilarious autobiography, leafing through the English edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, trying to teach myself Hungarian....but my favorite was browsing in old magazines. It was fascinating to see what the editors of Newsweek put before their readers in 1958, or reading contemporary coverage of the Blitz in Time magazine. People with... Read Post
October 15th 2008
maple tree with orange leaves

the National Month for so many things, from the serious (Breast Cancer Awareness, Gay & Lesbian History) to the silly (Popcorn Poppin', Squirrel Awareness.)  Let's choose a few topics and see what the Library has to offer: 1. National Children's Magazine Month. The Library has lots: Dig, Cobblestone, Ranger Rick, Sports Illustrated for Kids, American Girl, Cricket, Highlights for Children, National Geographic Kids, and many more! 2. National Emotional Intelligence Month. Again, we've got... Read Post