College & Career Preparation

Road sign saying: College, Next Exit

MIssion Admission: a cool online game that helps you develop college and financial aid application strategies

Payback: another online game.  This one shows you a running total of your college debt and can also track academic focus, connections you’re making that could be useful later, and your overall happiness — all factors in completing college and graduating with a job that can help you pay off your debt.

The Somerville High School Guidance Department has assembled a very helpful array of resources to help teens prepare for college:

College Preparation Counseling from Prospect Hill Academy Charter School

Colleges Resources from Matignon High School

FastWeb: access to over 1.5 million scholarships to help you pay for college

eCampusTours: 360 degree virtual tours of over 1,300 college campuses

CollegeWeekLive: a free virtual college fair that connects students with hundreds of colleges and universities from around the world.

Gen Z Career Guide from

Ask a Career Counselor from