Class Visits

teacher and students visiting the Teen Room

The Teen Department is more than happy to provide class visits.  We will gladly host visits in the library, or come to your school.

Teachers are encouraged to bring their classes to the library for a visit.  We host middle school and high school classes, ESL classes, and others.  Visits include an introduction to the Library, a tour of the different departments, and an overview the Library's collections and policies.

We can also provide for more specialized class visits if we are notified in advance.  In the past we have had classes come to learn what kind of information we had for science projects, history projects, and English projects.  We will gather a collection of books for students to look through and will demonstrate the different electronic resources available in the Library.

Class visits can be scheduled at any time and for any length.  We encourage you to schedule introductory tours at the beginning of the school year so that students will be familiar with what our library has to offer.

To set up a visit to the Library, please contact Ellen Jacobs at 617-623-5000  x2936, or by email at

Would you like your students to get library cards during your class visit?  We can do that!  Click here for more information.