Teens Resources from the City of Somerville & more

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Teen Hub: A great resource with links for things to do, programs & activities, jobs & volunteering, resources for teen parents, LQBTQA youth, and lots more.

Somerville Trauma Response Network (STRN): A team of Somerville community members who respond when a traumatic event involving youth occurs in the city.

Somerville Office of Prevention: The Somerville Office of Prevention is committed to leading efforts around the prevention of underage drinking, substance abuse, and assisting with the mental, physical, behavioral and emotional impact of trauma on youth.

Healthcare and Homelessness: Homeless and runaway youth (ages 14-24) can receive health care at:

Theft Prevention: A joint program with the Somerville Police, 311, and the City’s website to prevent the theft of bicycles and electronic devices and to solve crime. WRAP is designed to help as a theft deterrent and to raise awareness among Somerville residents about how they can avoid this crime–and fight back.

Finding a Lost Pet: Tips from the Humane Society of the United States

Parks and Open Spaces: Get out and play!


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