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Explore our ever-growing Library of Things collection!

Please Note: All of these items must be picked up and returned to the owning library. Items circulate for two (2) weeks and are not renewable. To place a hold, please click on the highlighted collection to take you to the library's catalog. From there you can select the individual item and log in with your library card to place your hold. Please call the library if you need assistance.

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Board Games

Take advantage of our board game collection when planning your family or friend game night!

WiFi Hotspots

Circulating WiFi Hotspots are available at all library locations.


Borrow a Chromebook from any library location. 

Chromebook + Hotspot Kits

Borrow a Chromebook + Wifi Hotspot kits from any library location. 


Borrow a Roku (Netflix or Disney+) from any library location. 

Birding Kit

It's always the right time to go birding! Our birding kit contains:

  • Two sets of binoculars
  • Two books: Sibley's Birding Basics by David Allen Sibley and Eastern Birds by Roger Tory Peterson
  • Handouts and a list of web resources for local birdwatching
  • Observation notebook for sharing what you spot

Kill-a-Watt Electricity Monitor

This device assesses how efficiently appliances work by displaying the power consumption by the kilowatt-hour.

Musical Instruments

Our collection includes guitars and a ukulele.

Telescope Photo of an Orion telescope

Bring our Orion StarBlast 4.5" telescope on your next dark sky adventure! Available for Somerville residents only.


Our Children's Rooms offer a variety of toys you can play with at home!

ELL Kits

ELL Kits can be found in the ELL collection at Central Library.  They are a great way to learn and practice English by doing fun activities.  Each kit is a mixture of books, recipes, and realia such as board games, cake pans, and gardening tools.

The following kits are available for check out:


Learn about American cooking while using common kitchen tools, try new recipes, and improve your English vocabulary.





Learn about American baking while using common kitchen tools, try new recipes, and improve your English vocabulary.




Word Games

Practice your English while playing language-based board games.





Urban Gardening

Learn about gardening in the city and in small spaces while also improving your English vocabulary.