Class Visits

group of elementary school children

We are dedicated to turning Somerville kids into Somerville Public Library users and we'd love to meet your class!  You can arrange to have a children's librarian visit your school by calling 617-623-5000 x2950.

You can also bring your class to visit the Library!  Call us to set up a date, tell us how many kids you'll be bringing, and give us your contact information.  When you come, we will:

  • tell the kids all about the library
  • read some stories
  • have time for questions and answers
  • give the kids a tour of the children's room so they'll have a general idea of where things are
  • encourage kids to ask a librarian whenever they need help (we don't expect them to know everything, even after the tour!)
  • give the kids free time to explore with their teachers' supervision and check out books if their teachers allow them to

Is your class working on a special project or subject?  Let us know ahead of time and we can pull together a variety of resources for your class to use in the library or check out.

Do your students need to get library cards?

  • come to the library to pick up library card applications at least two weeks prior to the date of your class visit (earlier, if possible)
  • give the applications to the kids to bring home so their parents or guardians can complete and sign them
  • when the students return the applications to you, bring them back to the library (all together in a single group, please) and give them to a librarian
  • on the day of your class visit the kids will get their library cards, sign them, and take them home!