Library Technology

June 5th 2017

Did you know that you can borrow eBooks and audiobooks from the library for FREE? You’re reading a library blog so the answer to that question might be “yes,” but we think it’s a fact worth repeating. Speaking of downloading eBooks from the library… Overdrive* has just released a spiffy new app called Libby. You can download Libby from the App store, Google play, or Microsoft. We’ve been tinkering with it at the Central branch, and are happy to report that the new app is great! If you’ve... Read Post

February 1st 2016
December 22nd 2015
Is online privacy important to you? Worried that someone will hack into your account, or worse steal all your credit card and personal information? If so, you should practice internet security. A very important, part of internet security is choosing the right password. So, how do you choose the right password? Well first off, 1. A password should be between 8-12 characters long. 2. Does not contain a solid word (especially not your name, username or company name!) 3. Must be different from... Read Post
August 12th 2015
Joseph Agilata, a student at MGhightech on Central street in Somerville, plans to speak at the Somerville Public Library on August 20th at 7PM about Online privacy. His main focus will be on why we should care about online security. Some people figure, oh well, who cares if someone else see's all my e-mails? The truth is, someone can hack your identity easily just by finding out info like your e-mail account. Joe is currently obtaining his CISCO certification, where he will graduate in the... Read Post
July 21st 2015
I recently met with a young patron of the library who was trying to learn the Ins and Outs of Microsoft Excel. He was using Windows Live to learn the program. If you know Windows Live, you also know you need internet access to use it. This particular patron didn't always have internet access. He told me that his mom didn't want to pay for Microsoft Office, so I suggested downloading Open Office onto his laptop. Sure enough, once he downloaded the program, he started practicing and using Excel... Read Post
June 16th 2015
There are so many different types of e-readers; it’s hard to know which one is right for you. First off, you have the Amazon Kindle, the nook, Kobo, Sony reader and of course the multi-functional IPad. So, how do you choose? Questions to ask yourself before your purchase: How do I want the screen to look? Color or just black and white Battery Life- Do I need a long lasting battery? Weight/size – Will I be lugging this thing around town with me? How many books will I be downloading? Will I... Read Post