How to Locate Hoopla Bonus Borrows

screenshot of app showing bonus borrows

Using the App (mobile devices):

  1. At the bottom of the app screen, select from Video, Music, or Books
  2. If necessary, select the specific type of media (under video, select from Movies or Television, while under Books, choose from Audiobooks, Comics, or Ebooks)
  3. Click the Genres button (at the top right hand of each tab)
  4. Various collections of the Bonus Borrows should be listed alphabetically under the B's

Using the Hoopla website:

  1. Click Browse, and then select one of the options: Audiobooks, Movies, Music, Comics, Ebooks, Television
  2. Click Categories
  3. Many of the Bonus Borrows categories appear under Top Categories, but if you don't see them, scroll down and look for the Bonus Borrows options under All Categories

If you still have difficulty locating Hoopla's Bonus Borrows, ask a librarian for help! Contact us