West Branch News: December 2020

STEAM Take & Make Kits at the West Branch!

Do you need an activity for your kids, but you want to make it somewhat educational? Look no farther than the West Branch STEAM Take & Makes!

Over the summer, the Somerville Public Library received a grant through CARES Act funding for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) related activities. One of the funded projects was STEAM Take & Makes at the West Branch. Take & Makes are project kits that combine fun, building, art, and open ended questions that allow kids to engage their natural curiosity.  Each kit comes with all needed supplies, instructions, extension activities and STEAM-related questions for children to expand their thinking.

Past projects (click links for easy at-home instructions):
STEAM Catapult or LauncherOctober: Launchers: create a soft-landing catapult with popsicle sticks, a plastic spoon, rubber bands, and a pom-pom. How far can you launch the pom-pom? What if you do two at once? What if you use more popsicle sticks?
STEAM Marble Run

November: Marble Run: create a marble run with a paper plate and paper strips. How many times can you get the marble through the arches? Can you do it with your eyes closed? What if you make the arches bigger or smaller?

Looking ahead, we’ll be distributing kits for Coffee Filter Art the week of December 14, and a Mystery Bag Challenge in January (date TBD). Stop by the temporary West Branch location (TAB, 167 Holland St, 2nd floor) to pick up your kit!  Contact Alison at amitchell@minlib.net with any questions or for more information.

Take & Make crafts are available at all three SPL locations on a rotating schedule. Check with your children's librarians to see when a Take &  Make will be available!

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