After just returning from Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, where it was hot and humid, this New England weather is killing me. I would love to return to a sunny vacation where the authentic food was amazing, Buddhist temples await, adventures on rivers and massages at every turn. If you’re looking to take a trip to get out of this cold and dreary weather, come take a look at Somerville library’s travel books, starting in the 914 section on the second floor of the main library, you can find a slew of information! Travel books or just general information on Vietnam can be found searching the catalog here! Or if you’re more of a foodie and are interested in cooking Thai and Vietnamese food at home, check out these awesome cookbooks! If you would prefer a water adventure, books on the Mekong River (Ho Chi Minh City River) or the Beautiful Chao Phraya River (Bangkok River), check out these handy books here!

Just remember wherever you want to go, there’s a book at the Somerville Public Library that’s just for you!

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