The Library: for Lifelong Learning

unseen person working with documents on a wooden table; also a coffee cup According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans surveyed consider themselves lifelong learners. Many of them are "professional learners:" they take courses or attend trainings to enhance their job skills and career prospects. However, the vast majority are "personal learners:" they learn skills or subjects that personally interest them.

And while the Internet can be an indispensable tool for learning, a majority of personal learners say a physical space (such as a library or adult education center) was important in their self-education.

Whether you want to learn at home or here in the library, don't hesitate to ask us to help you find books or other resources related to your interests. Do you want to learn a language? Many of our patrons love our Mango Languages  database. Other patrons prefer books. A few years ago a guy came into the library and used SPL's Japanese workbooks to teach himself Kanji. We've got books on blacksmithing, gardening, game programming, digital photography and weaving (to name a few topics).

So come to the library and find something new to learn.

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