The Immigration Quilt is Back!

Somerville Library's paper immigration quilt

In 2011, library patrons worked together to create a paper immigration "quilt" to tell the stories of the people who make up our City. Everyone was invited to make one or more squares representing their family's immigrant story, and the squares were connected to create the quilt. Since this year marks Somerville's 30th anniversary as a Sanctuary City, and since the Welcome Project and the City have planned a celebratory rally for this Saturday, it seemed like a good time to bring the quilt back and make it better than ever!  Drop in to the Central Library any time on Saturday, February 4th and make a square to be added to the quilt.  We'll supply all of the materials you need, but if you'd like to include personal items - photos, maps, documents - please bring them along. Make sure the things you use are copies (we have a copy machine if you need it) because we won't be able to return them. They'll become part of the quilt which will be displayed at the Library.  We hope you'll add your story - it's an important part of the history of the city we love and share.

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