Google for Jobs

Decades ago, when people were looking for jobs, they answered ads in the jobs section of a newspaper or a trade magazine. Sometimes they walked down streets looking for businesses with "Help Wanted" signs in the windows.

Then the Web came along and upended all that. Soon job seekers were going to Craigslist, or web sites for businesses, schools, or governments.  And then databases like Monster and LinkedIn appeared.

And now you can just Google.

Yes, Google. As a writer for FastCo.Design put it last week, Google will soon be "the world's biggest jobs board." Soon someone who Googles, "jobs in Somerville/Cambridge" or "programming jobs" or "bartending jobs" or anything similar will find themselves on the website Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs provides the capacity to do simultaneous searches of Facebook, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder and other sites. Not only will Google for Jobs speed up the act of looking for work opportunities, but it can also send notifications when new job ads matching your preferences are posted.

This new feature of the search engine has been made possible by developments in artificial intelligence. Since "programming jobs" could mean anything from coordinating public events to writing javascript or Python, Google for Jobs will match your search patterns to pinpoint exactly the sorts of jobs you're looking for.

Online job hunting will soon get easier.

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