A Few More Comments from Library Users

Here are a few more stories you've shared with us about how the Library has affected you:

I am a life-long library goer, but it is only recently that I have really dug into the amazing resources available to me through my local library in Somerville. Six months ago, I started a blog about Somerville's history. The library's archive of Somerville Journal newspapers (going back to the late 1800s) has been invaluable and the librarians have been extremely helpful, showing me how to use the card catalog, microfilm reader and online databases. It’s also thanks to the Somerville Library's genealogical resources that I have been able to learn more about my own family and find relatives I never knew existed.

And this one: brief, but music to our ears:

The library and librarians taught me the value of exploration, imagination, and self-education at a young age and sparked a love of reading I still carry to this day.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories, and for making our day once again.

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