Dallas Buyers' Club

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The Dallas Buyers’ Club starring Matthew McConaughy, Jared Leto and Jennifer Gardner is about a blue collar electrician, in Texas, in the 1980’s, who is infected with the HIV virus. The movie portrays the stigmas surrounding AIDS and homosexual men of the decade.

The main character, Ron Woodruff, a heterosexual man, loses his job and home due to workplace and housing discrimination. He loses all of his friends, but gains new ones, including Jared Leto’s character, Rayon, a cross-dressing homosexual man. In order to get treatment for his disease, he begins to import HIV medication from foreign countries that has not yet been approved by the FDA. He then begins offering the medicine to other infected individuals, hence starting the Dallas Buyers’ Club.

This six academy award nominated film, is grossly fascinating, and based on a true story of someone who allowed those who didn’t have much time to live, to live a little longer. Ron Woodroof challenges the food and drug administration that was unwilling to approve medicine that had been consistently working in other countries as a preventative for the disease.

Dallas Buyer's Club is available at the Somerville Public Library's East and West branches. -HJD

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