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First, the Library has allowed me to break the habit of overbuying books. In the last five years I've learned to ask the Library for a book, and wait, rather than to just buy a book and then have to store it, give it away, or chuck it. The Library always comes through.
Second, the Library takes gifts of books and videos and puts them to good use - in circulation, offered in twice-a-year sales, or to recycling. It's allowed me to slowly cull my book count by at least a bookcase worth. I hope to do much more, and in that reduction enrich Somerville Library's circulation.
But last, and most importantly, my household borrows videos from the library. My spouse has a vestibular (dizziness) disorder which precludes him from public places with a lot of people - restaurants, concerts, theatre - and movie theaters. Getting films on video from the library, he can sit in our carefully controlled living room environment and enjoy a film with me. He even gets less dizzy as the film progresses (we don't understand this outcome, since often films have special effects which should make him more dizzy, not less). It allows him to feel part of the culture of films; to enjoy himself; and for us as a couple to have happy time together.
Being on a careful budget, we couldn't do it without Somerville Library. Thank you.

And this:

Without the library there’s a distinct possibility I would be the worst father in the world. All the kid’s librarians and all the kids books have given my kids all kinds of love and attention and help. Couldn’t have raised my kids without your help. Thanks!

And finally, this, from one of our younger patrons:

The library impacted my life because I got to read books that taught me stuff.

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