Muslim Journeys

For the next few months we will continue our series of NEH/ALA-sponsored programs Muslim Journeys, an effort to educate the public about Islamic history and culture.  In keeping with the spirit of Muslim Journeys, I thought I should note that Mawlid, the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, begins at sunset today. Observances of Mawlid vary from country to country. Some Islamic scholars actually discourage celebrating Mawlid, pointing out that as far as anyone knows Muhammed  himself never ordered or encouraged anyone to celebrate his birthday. The International Business Times has a write-up on Mawlid observances here. I also encourage SPL patrons to take advantage or our museum passes (generously provided by the Friends of the Library) and visit the Museum of Fine Arts, particularly their temporary exhibit: Sacred Pages: Conversations about the Qur'an, which will be at the Museum through February 23.

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