Why am I Working at the Library? O.o

I am working at the library because, first of all, I wanted a summer job. Many of my friends decided to participate in the Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program and my older sister has done it last year. Based on all that, I decided to participate as well since it looks good on a resume, is good for college, and a good introduction to the working world.

On the application, there were 5 categories of jobs and you had to rank them in order of what you would like to do most. These categories included: office, library, DPW, and recreation. I ranked library as my first choice and drew a little star next to it. Office was my second choice.

I chose library as my first choice because I love it here. I thought it would be fun to actually work here. I envisioned it as a quiet, peaceful job where I would be putting books on shelves and barcodes on books. So far I have put barcodes on books and then put them on shelves, but there is so much more work to do in a library than I thought. There are also events to plan and run, a teen room to design, and blogging (like I am now!) to do. I think that I’ll have a great time while I’m here! :)

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