The Somerville Round House of 36 Atherton Street

Have you ever taken a stroll in Somerville, to come across an octagon shaped house with all the windows boarded up and cameras leering down at you? Well, if you know what I'm talking about, you've seen the Round House at 36 Atherton Street in Somerville. Although, it may not be as mysterious as we all think. The house was built by Enoch Robinson sometime around 1847, right after the locksmith and designer moved to Somerville. He lived in the house with his wife, three daughters, one son and maid. The design of his home was influenced in the idea that circular houses wasted less space, had more light and created better quality heating. A little history....In 1986, a restoration program was started by the North Bennet Street School but the project fell through. The home was bought in 2007, before that, the round house was vacant andRound_House_Jan_2012_-_Somerville,_MA_-_DSC03417 slowly deteriorating. Today, the home is owned by a local man who is rumored to be head of a general contracting firm.   If you walk by now, you'll see the windows are all boarded up, and according to the Somerville Historic Preservation, there is an intent to fix the round house into a livable house once again. athpc3

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