Immigration Resources

Updated April 2022


  • United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
    • Use the USCIS online tools and resources to manage your case. Check your case status, see case processing times, change your address, learn about citizenship, green cards, and more.
  • USCIS Citizenship Resource Center
    • Create an account to apply for naturalization, find answers to frequently asked questions about citizenship, study for the English and Civics tests, and more. Information available in multiple languages.
  • Informed Immigrant
    • Helpful resources and trusted information for undocumented citizens in the U.S. Use the Resource Library as a jumping off point to stay current on issues like DACA, find a legal provider, learn how to access healthcare, and more. Website also available in Spanish.
  • Know Your Rights
    • Describes basic rights for everyone, including undocumented people, in circumstances including when encountering law enforcement, in an immigration raid, at healthcare facilities, and more. From the National Immigration Law Center, which is exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of immigrants with low income. 
  • Immigration Preparedness Toolkit
    • Resource-packed informational document designed to help immigrants with no legal status or in mixed status families begin to understand the immigration legal landscape and plan for their own journey through an ever-changing, complex system in the United States. Outlines the basics about a variety of topics including: your rights during ICE confrontations, the different types of immigration options available, ideas for building your consultation roadmap, and tips on covering your bases while waiting for relief. This 13-page resource also incorporates links to other helpful reference documents, fact sheets, and tools readers can use to construct their own personalized plan. From the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.
  • Immigration Lawyer Search
    • Find an immigration attorney in your area. A service of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. 



In 2016, Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone issued a statement of commitment to Somerville’s status as a Sanctuary City: “Somerville will stand with you regardless of your race, creed, color, sex, nationality, legal status, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.” The Somerville Public Library supports the Mayor's declaration as a place for all residents of the city, where everyone is welcome. American public libraries have always been a haven for everyone, providing people with opportunities and resources with which to enrich their lives.