Lifelong Learning

Updated April 2022

Online Open College Courses or MOOCS

The following resources are MOOCS (Massively Open Online Courses). According to Oxford Dictionary, a MOOC is a course of study made available over the Internet without charge to a very large number of people.

  • Coursera
    • An extensive collection of courses taught by top instructors from world class universities and companies, including Google, IBM, Stanford, and UPenn. Users have access to video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums. Mobile learning is also supported through Apps for IOS and Android.
  • EdX
    • Founded by Harvard and MIT, this education and learning platform has expanded to include a diverse and international number of university partners and members. Includes a wide array of subjects and topics for everyone from the casual learner to the career changer. It is the only leading MOOC that is both nonprofit and open source.
  • Khan Academy 
    • A MOOC focused on helping students from kindergarten through Advanced Placement courses, using practice exercises, instruction videos, and a personalized learning dashboard. Partnered with top institutions such as NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, and MIT for specialised content.
  • Harvard Extension School 
    • Founded with the mission of creating an affordable way for any motivated student to take courses at Harvard. Several free open learning courses are offered in video format.
  • M.I.T. Open Courseware 
    • A web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content, including but not limited to syllabi, course readings, and lecture outlines. Useful for educators to improve their own courses, students to find additional resources to ensure success, and independent learners curious about a subject.
  • Udacity 
    • MOOC committed to improving careers through tech education. These courses tend to be more vocational rather than academic, and the free version allows users to audit the courses by watching video lectures and submitting a final project at the end of the course.
  • World Science U 
    • Unique offering of science courses for everyone from the curious high school student to the avid learner. There are video lectures, virtual office hours, interactive demonstrations, live discussion, and more, led by Brian Greene and other leading scientists.
  • Kadenze 
    • Focused on the arts and creative technology in particular, the free version of this learning platform offers users to enroll in many of the courses, watch lecture videos, and view forum discussions.