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Fantastic Frances Hardinge!

cover of book, \"A Skinful of Shadows\"book cover \"The Lie Tree\"








Frances Hardinge is a British author who deserves a wider audience on this side of the Atlantic.  Her novels, both for teens and children, have won numerous awards in Britain, deservedly.  They are utterly original, thought provoking, and stuffed with intriguing ideas, fantastic situations, and unforgettable characters.  There's Saracen, the homicidal goose; a tree that reveals the truth when you feed it with lies; cheeses that make you hallucinate, or that explode if you disturb them; a girl who has to adjust to sharing her body with the spirits of a number of deceased people and one very unpredictable bear.  Get going, American readers - you have some catching up to do!

book cover \"Fly Trap\"book cover \"A Face Like Glass\"