Wireless Internet Access

The Somerville Library is pleased to offer the public free wireless Internet access. To access the wireless connection, your equipment must have a wireless network card (Wi-Fi card). This service is available any time the Central or branch libraries are open. Cell phone/web-enabled cell phone may not be used in any part of the library. You may use audio equipment/headphones with your laptop so long as the sound does not disturb other patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my laptop/PDA require in order to use this connection?
You must have a wireless network card.  Your laptop/PDA must NOT have a static proxy server or static DNS server specified. The DNS setting should be set up to Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically.

How do I connect?
If you can connect your computer to the Internet from any Internet café , then it will probably work in the Library. The Central Library's wireless network name is: "somlibrary". The West Branch Library's network name is "westlibrary". The East Branch Library's network name is "cos-elib". Your computer should find these networks automatically if it is set up properly as above. The password for the Central Library and East Branch is "password1234". (Include the word "password".)  The West Branch password is "westlibrary".

Where should I place my computer in order to use this wireless connection?
You should be able to use our wireless connection throughout the 1st and 2nd floors (especially the 2nd floor main reading room - Wellington Hall) at the Central Library, and throughout the entire East Branch and on the Main and Second Floor of the West Branch library.

Can a librarian help me if I have a problem connecting?
We regret that we cannot provide the wireless card, configure your equipment for you, nor help you with troubleshooting.

Can I print from my laptop/PDA?
Yes, we provide printing with wireless Internet access.

Note: The Somerville Public Library takes no responsibility for any damage caused to any device from configuration changes or software downloaded while accessing our wireless Internet. The wireless signal and the bandwidth are not within our control; the Library is not responsible if you cannot get on to the Internet at any time. Wireless users accessing the Library's connection must agree to the Somerville Public Library Internet policy.