Fates & Furies

Fates & Furies- Lauren Groff’s third book, describes marriage over a 23 year period, very vividly. The book illustrates marriage from two different perspectives, the husband and wife, seemingly, somewhat realistic, but who really knows for sure? After all, how many of us are completely honest in marriage? I enjoyed the book immensely; many reviews compared the book to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I see where some readers may contrast character’s Amy Dunne (Gone Girl and Mathilde (Fates and Furies) but I disagree. The first half of the book "Fates" was told from Lotto's perspective, which was light, happy and interesting. I immediately liked Lotto and was pulled into the book. The second half of the book, "Furies" was told by Mathilde, who was much darker and intriguing. At first, I thought she was a sociopath, much like Amy Dunne from Gone Girl, but then the book turned for a third time, and showed how love can truly open a person who has never been shown loved before. Mathilde could easily pass as a sadistic, selfish, behind -the -husband type of woman but ultimately, she was incredibly misunderstood throughout her childhood and life. She was someone who was never taught how to feel love or be loved except for and by Lotto. The book is more about forgiveness and understanding that some people just need to be understood.

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