Explore the Red Planet this Wednesday!

Jim J Zebroski of the Aldrich Astronomical Society will be giving a talk on Mars as our kickoff event for this year's Somerville Reads. Zebroski will discuss the history of humanity's fascination with the red planet and our ever-increasing knowledge of it thanks to satellites, probes, and unmanned rovers. There will also be a touch table with replica samples of Martian soil and model rovers. If the weather's good and the skies are clear, Zebroski will take the audience outside to look at Mars through powerful telescopes. And there will be prizes! I repeat: prizes. Now say it to yourself in the voice Cookie Monster uses to talk about cookies: Prriiizzessss! The place: The Central Library, 79 Highland Ave. The date and time: Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 7:00 pm.

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