How has the Library impacted your life?

Last week we asked you to share your stories of how the Library has impacted your life or the life of a loved one.  Over the last few days we've received some amazing responses, and they're too good to keep to ourselves.  Here's one for a start, and we'll post more soon! When I was a senior in Somerville High School in 1957, I applied for a job as a librarian in the Somerville Public Library on Highland Avenue near the high school.  I was hired part-time to help repair the plastic covers of the records in the library’s music department.  Although my parents loved music and were knowledgeable about classical music a young man who also worked in that department introduced me to modern composers I did not know.  He showed me their albums - Bartok, Schoenberg, Bloch and Mahler.  When he talked to me about Mahler a darkness passed over his face, and his gaze deepened inward in front of me.  Music had not been introduced to me like that before.  He told me to take the records home and listen to them. I never forgot the names of these composers.  Another time, someone else in the library pointed out where the banned books were kept.  Peyton Place by Grace Metalious was off limits, high on a shelf in a librarian’s office.  The women who worked as librarians at the check out desks were polite when they asked people to lower their voices.  The library was a very quiet place, people were reading there by the slant of light that came through the old windows on the top of the hill.  We lived next door to the library director, Mr. Kelly, on Central Street in Somerville.  My father was the Rabbi in Somerville.  He had great respect for Mr. Kelly and was always reminding us to play quietly outside, so not to disturb the Kelly family.  Among the many things learned that summer, were the music of those composers, the fact that books were banned, and the value of quiet.  Would you like to share your story (and qualify for a chance to win a $25 gift card)?  Email Glenn Ferdman, Director of Libraries, or click here to fill out a short online form.   You can also fill out a paper form at any SPL location.  Thank you!

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