Odds and Ends

NPR has a great report on Armed Services Editions, the pocket-sized books that entertained and consoled soldiers during World War II. Here is the link to request a library copy of the new book on ASEs, When Books Went to War. Have you ever wondered what was involved in making books before the rise of industrial-scale printing in the 1840s? You can watch someone make a book with a hand-operated printing press here. Grown-ups who read YA books? You're in good company. While adult book sales were down this year, guess what sales were up 22%? Today is Jane Austen Day. Amy Elizabeth Smith, author of All Roads Lead to Austen, shares her ranking of the novelist's books. Can't decide what to read? NPR book critic Maureen Corrigan has some suggestions. Lots of libraries have cats. But how many of them get library cards?

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