Teens + StoryCorps = Great Stories

storycorpsflierscreenshotTomorrow, March 13, from 3 to 5 p.m., teens are welcome to drop in (and out) of the SPL Central Branch’s auditorium (sometimes called the Teen Annex) for an informal informational session about the library’s participation in the oral history program, StoryCorps. Oh, and there’ll be PIZZA!

The library is looking for teens who are willing -- and maybe even excited! -- about sharing stories about themselves for the project. These tales don’t have to be overly long and can range from the silly to serious -- whatever you’re moved to tell us, we’ll record it. You can chat with your bestie about school, family, your interests -- it’s up to you. During this information session, you can select a time during which you can come in and record your conversation. If you’d rather chat with an adult, that’s fine too. If you have the urge to tell your story on Thursday, we can do that then, too.

And then, that conversation will be archived in the Library of Congress and at the library (with you and your parents’ permission) and an audio recording of the conversation will be mailed to the storyteller. This is your chance at immortality. Here is the animated interview of a 12-year-old with Asperger's and his mother, to give you an idea what an interview sounds like.

Somerville Public Library is one of just 10 public libraries in the United States to obtain a grant to be a part of the StoryCorps @ your library initiative. During the past 10 years, StoryCorps has collected stories from people from all walks of life and broadcasted them on National Public Radio. Public libraries are being explored as a brand new venue to gather a wide variety of local voices. So, drop by, grab a slice and learn about what makes this project so exciting.

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