Modern Books on Ancient Life

Yesterday's Boston Globe had a front page story on tiktaalik, a 375-million-year-old fish with limb-like fins and larger than average pelvic bones. Tiktaalik is of particular interest to scientists studying how animals transitioned from life in water to life on land in ancient times. If you would like to see a skeleton of this famous creature, along with a realistic-looking model of what it may have looked like in life, look no further than the Harvard Museum of Natural History, right next door in Cambridge. You can even get into the museum at a discounted price by taking advantage of the Library's Museum Pass Program, which is generously funded by the Friends of the Library - thank you Friends! Want to read more about prehistoric beasts? Check out the Dewey 560s, which happens to be one of the coolest nonfiction sections in the Library. Here's a sampling of what's on offer, but of course there are many more - have a look for yourself! Dinosaur Art book coverThe Bonehunters' Revenge: Dinosaurs, Greed, and the Greatest Scientific Feud of the Gilded Age by David Rains Wallace Dinosaur Art: the World's Greatest Paleoart edited by Steve White Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs: Soft Tissues and Hard Science by Phillip Manning How to Build a Dinosaur: Extinction Doesn't Have to be Forever by Jack Horner and James Gorman The Jesuit and the Skull: Teilhard de Chardin, Evolution, and the Search for Peking Man by Amir D. Aczel Mammoth book coverLast Ape Standing: the Seven-Million Year Story of How and Why We Survived by Chip Walter The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt by William Nothdurft with Josh Smith Lucy's Legacy: the Quest for Human Origins by Donald C. Johanson and Kate Wong Mammoth: the Resurrection of an Ice Age Giant by Richard Stone My Beloved Brontosaurus: On the Road with Old Bones, New Science, and Our Favorite Dinosaurs by Brian Switek Next of Kin: Great Fossils at the American Museum of Natural History by Lowell Dingus The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs by Gregory S. Paul Taking Wing: Archaeopteryx and the Evolution of Bird Flight by Pat Shipman Time Traveler: in Search of Dinosaurs and Ancient Mammals from Montana to Mongolia by Michael Novacek Trilobite!: Eyewitness to Evolution by Richard Fortey

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