Thomas Jefferson's Q'uran

Given that 2013-2014 is SPL's year of Muslim Journeys programming, I thought this podcast on the new book Thomas Jefferson's Q'uran particularly timely.  From the series Fifteen Minute History, it's a brief interview with the author, Denise Spellberg, on how Thomas Jefferson's interactions with the Islamic world and his study of John Locke shaped his beliefs on the relationship between religion and the state. Jefferson had grown up in a Virginia where the only sanctioned religion was the Anglican Church. During this country's formative years  some Americans wanted the United States to declare itself an officially Protestant nation, so when Jefferson took to heart John Locke's belief that "neither pagan nor Mahometan [Muslim] or Jew ought to be excluded from the rights of the commonwealth because of his religion," he was taking a truly revolutionary stance. Give this podcast, as well as the series itself, a try. It's utterly fascinating.

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