"El Cielo es el límite"

Univision, a Spanish language TV station, is offering a a series of programs to support the education of Hispanic students, with particular focus on college access for first generation students. Next week is Univision's Semana ¡Edúcate, Es El Momento!  Click here to see  the programs they have planned focusing on a variety of subjects related to this topic. In addition, there are some online resources and programs to check out.  These include a platform with information specifically targeted to first generation students, including short videos of students themselves in selective colleges.  The goal of this resource is to encourage application and enrollment in selective colleges, as Latinos are less likely to apply to those, even when they have the qualifications that would get them admitted. Finally, on Thursday, October 10th from 12:00 to 210:00 p.m.,  there will be an online college fair focused on first generation Hispanic students.  Any student can participate.  The fair features seminars designed to help students put together an application and apply for financial aid, and also, opportunities for students to to speak with college admissions officers to speak in real time.

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