RIP, Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard, author of such works as Glitz, City Primeval and Killshot, died at his home in Michigan. He was 87. His works were populated by murderers, conmen and schemers, people living alongside us, but in a separate world with its own rules and risks and expectations.  Leonard wrote  about this world with an emotional depth and a gritty realism that endeared him even to critics prone to be dismissive of crime novels. Readers curious about Leonard have two options for sampling his distinctive talent. A number of his books are available in the network. Second--and this is a more indirect way of trying his work--some of his writings were eminently suitable for adaption to film. Two of his short stories are the basis for the films 3:10 to Yuma and The Tall T; another is the basis for the FX TV series Justified. His novel Get Shorty was adapted into a great movie starring John Travolta, Renee Russo, and Danny Devito. Quentin Tarantino re-worked Rum Punch into Jackie Brown. The man is gone, but his work remains. Enjoy it.  

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