Susan Ostrander Talks about the Issues!

We all know Somerville's a great town that faces a lot of issues, particularly gentrification and the conflicting desires of different communities with different histories. Earlier in the month Tufts professor Susan Ostrander (left) gave a talk based on her research for her book Citizenship and Governance in  a Changing City: Somerville, Massachusetts.  She talked to Somervillians of various ethnicities, occupations and ages. And she found that whatever people's differences, most of us want the some thing: to preserve Somerville's unique character, to keep it from becoming a suburb, to keep it diverse, and to make it a city where people of varying incomes can afford to live. She also discussed the difficulties facing newcomers seeking full participation in every aspect of city life. Don't worry if you missed her talk. You can watch it here. Or even better, read her book.

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