"I Made That"

This month we're happy to have Somerville High School juniors and seniors at the library doing research on the history of Assembly Square. They're employees of a collaboration between Federal Realty, Artists for Humanity, the state Department of Conservation and Recreation and the City of Somerville. "Based on what we find out, we're going to make suggestions for a sculpture, " said SHS senior Larry Barnes. The sculpture will in some way embody the history of Assembly Square and will placed in the new development known as Assembly Row, said SHS history teacher Ted Blake. Based on the Somerville students' suggestions, Boston teen artists will make a prototype of the sculpture that will go on display at Riverfest this September. The students have an infectious enthusiasm for the project. "I just like the excitement, that something good is going to come of this, " said Lucy, an SHS senior. Another senior, Nicole, said, "I like that we're helping design something and we can say, 'I made that.' photoPictured: SHS students Larry Barnes and Fred Gramont. Photo courtesy of Ted Blake.

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