Creative writing wrap up

Last week marked the conclusion of our teen creative writing program. The feedback and enthusiasm from everyone has been impressive. Ethan Gilsdorf led a month-long series of workshops. Participants were given various prompts and exercises. Some of the prompts were silly and random. The classes went so well that Ethan extended it for two more sessions. It was great to see all the writing; people were really engrossed in what they were doing. This was a teen driven program. They initiated this. Each week brought a different group of people to the table. In all, a total of fourteen people attended. Part of the success was due to the fact that we were able to collaborate with two local high schools; Somerville High School and Prospect Hill Academy. Both schools were happy to be a part of this and encouraged students to attend. Ethan created something magical the students responded to. That, combined with outreach, was one of biggest reasons this was so successful! We will definitely do this again! Many thanks go to the Friends of the Library for sponsoring this program.

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