Flying Words Fair

The Flying Words Fair went wonderfully! People of all ages participated in and enjoyed activities such as haiku writing, crafts, circus yoga, a chain story, and a read aloud. The chain story reads as follows: "One upon a time…there was a very timid dinosaur named Jim. He didn’t have friends because he was a T-rex and all the other dinosaurs were scared of him. So he has no friends. One day he decided to change that! So he decided to throw a party. He hung lots of Balloons. He put up flyers inviting everyone to come, hoping at least a few potential friends would show up. To his surprise 50 Pterodactyls showed up, and as you may know they love fish but the T-Rex has forgotten to get fish for the party so the bought fishing poles and went down to the pond. They found 2 fish for each Pterodactyl. The pterodactyls all cried out “Hurray” & gave the T-Rex a giant hug. So his friends invited HIM to a party! His day was changed To smiles because he discovered he is a natural at bobbing for apples. He bobbed for apples and got ones for him and all his Pterodactyl friends, and after the party they set off on their next adventure to the land of Oz. When they got to Oz, they were greeted by a friendly scarecrow. THE scarecrow was scaring them. So the dinosaurs ate the scarecrow! Then they realized that he didn’t taste good and spit him out unharmed. Now covered in dinosaur-spit, the scarecrow needed a ride. He tried to flag down a passing truck full of sheep and ponies, thinking the dinosaur spit would hide the fact he was stuffed with hay. But the truck couldn’t stop because it was in a hurry to deliver fish to Mr. T-Rex’s party! Then the truck had a flat tire. The dinosaurs ran to the truck, “How will we fix this flat tire?” they said to eachother. “I have an idea!” The scarecrow said. He pulled out his cell phone and called his friends Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, Who were both mechanics. “Oh no,” they said to each other—“We need the guiys from Car Talk.” Click didn’t answer his phone, and Clack was doing a shift at the Volunteer Fire Department. “What size tire do you need?” he asked. “Size 247.93,” said the truck driver. “That’s the same size as our spare,” said Clack. “We’ll be over as soon as we get this Dimetrodon out of the well where it got stuck.” Hope to see you soon at the Party? ………………………………….(cont’d)…….  Several hours passed while the T-Rex, the Pterodactyls, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion awaited Clack’s arrival with the Dimetrodon. While waiting, they decided to play a friendly game of pick-up soccer. They the pterodactyls remembered that they can fly. Scarecrow found some string and tied the 50 pterodactyls to the truck. Jim, the T-Rex, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion held on to the back of the truck as it took off into the sky. Thanking him for the party invitation, the Wizard of Oz characters wrote a message in the sky with the exhaust from the truck. The message said: Everyone come to our party! Then an airplane fly by…and out parachuted the Queen of England. She had just been partying with James Bond. Unfortunately the pterodactyls did not have any tea at their party and the Queen was very upset. So 007 knew he had a new mission to get Earl Grey to the party." Isn’t that awesome? The story and some of the haikus will be hanging in the auditorium, so stop by to check them out!

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