Teen Space in SPL!!! Stage = Planning ;)

Hi, this is Susan and Zoe! We just got out of an awesome meeting with the Teen Advisory Board. As you may or may not know, SPL is in the process of creating a space for teens to hang out, work, and collaborate. It will be located in what is now the Audio-Visual room (that stuff is going to be moved upstairs), and there are going to be a lot of great things about the new space. First of all, how many times have you gone to the library to work or hang out, and been told you were talking too loud? Yes, it's even happened to us. Now you can finally have somewhere to work on group projects, get homework help, or even play cards, and not have to worry about "whispering." There are going to be some great resources available as well. The Leonard Carmichael Society (LCS) is a student run community service organization at Tufts. They have one-on-one tutoring on campus, but are looking to branch out and start a tutoring program at the library. One of LCS's co-presidents, Shayna, came to our meeting to brainstorm ideas for the program. Here are some of the ideas that we came up with (and hopefully will be put into action!)...
  • after-school homework help
  • workshops (about topics like essay writing, note taking, and study skills)
  • help with science fair and other group projects
  • a teen book club
  • help with summer homework (and pacing)
  • advice and assistance with the college application process
Hopefully the space will be open in the fall, but for now feel free to come to the TEEN DROP-INS in the auditorium of the Central Branch Library from 3-6 pm on Friday afternoons. Check out the new Facebook page for details. Hope you're having a great summer! Susan and Zoe :)

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