Happy to be Here :)

Hi everyone! I am Susan Hassan, a new part-time student employee at the Somerville Public Library. Next year, I will be a junior at Somerville High School. I love to read, shop, and travel. I excel academically and enjoy joining clubs and participating in community service. Next year, I will be the vice president of the community service club in the high school! I have been an SPF 100 youth leader for 2 years, which is a group of about 10 youth leaders under SCAP, where we work to reduce substance abuse in Somerville teens.    I am very excited to work here, at the library. Ever since I have moved to Somerville, at the age of seven, the central library has been my favorite place to visit. I have grown up coming here. I love to read and the library provides me with endless books, thanks to the requesting system. I also come to the library to hang out with friends sometimes and to study. I also enjoy coming here to play checkers with my younger sister and win! I think that will all become so much more fun and private once we teenagers get our own teen room. I really hope that I get a chance to help design that while I am working here!    

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