My history with the library-Part 2

While reading was an important and central part of my experiences at, and love for, the library, I do not think I would have been such a frequent visitor were it not for the excellent librarians. I was always greeted with warmth and care and developed a close bond with two of the children’s librarians, Cathy and Ann. They were always there to recommend books, share stories, and talk with me as long as I wanted about any subject. Looking back at the many hours I spent standing at their desk made me realize that they both have a very special ability. While I always thought that my sister and I were the two special kids they loved, I realize now that they made many other children feel the same way. Cathy and Ann somehow make every person—child or adult—they talk to feel special and cared for. Perhaps it is the way they talk to every kid or teen as an equal, or the way they are never dismissive or curt, or perhaps it is a quality that cannot be put to words, but is always felt. I also participated in the monthly book club that Cathy held, and still holds. My experience in that club further shaped my relationship with books. It helped me read books at a deeper level, and connected me with other kids my age that shared my love for books. Cathy would treat us to a snack, and we would sit in a circle in her office and share our thoughts and feelings about that month’s book. She would have prepared questions, but we often went off on tangents and discussed things we liked and didn’t like. We would sometimes get to meet the author and discuss with he or she why they wrote the book, how they chose their characters, and their writing process. These conversations helped me read more actively, and I would look for things that confused me, or that I found particularly interesting, as I read. Upon entering high school, I found much less time to read for pleasure. Every year, more and more books were required, and by my junior year I was only reading a few non-assigned books a year. The magic was, when I would come back to the library after a long period of absence, it was like I never left. Cathy and Ann were still there, and somehow still remembered my interests and after school activities. The Somerville Public Library and its librarians have helped make me who I am today, and I cannot even begin to express how thrilled I am to be working here this summer.  

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