Excited to be here!

Hello! My name is Zoe Blickenderfer. I graduated from Somerville High School last month and I will be working at the Somerville Public Library for the next five weeks. During my stay, I will be blogging about the projects I am working on, events at the library, and books I am reading. As you may or may not know, right now the library is in the middle of redoing its invoicing system. This will be the biggest project that volunteers, Susan (the other student worker), and I will be focusing on. Every book will be getting a bar code on its front cover in addition to the one on the first page. This will facilitate the process of checking books in and out and make it easier for the people who transport the books to know where each book is going. There are a lot of fun events planned for the summer, so continue to check the blog and the Somerville Public Library website for dates and times. Happy reading!

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