Paul and Rachel Revere Ride Again!

Join us at the Central Library this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. as Paul and Rachel Revere ride again!

Set in 1805, the dramatization animates the "Spirit of the Day," as Paul and Rachel recount the exciting tale of life in Boston's North End when America was still a British Crown Colony. Paul Revere married Rachel Walker in 1773, following the death of his first wife, Sarah, who died after the birth of their sixth child. Rachel took on the care of the children, and with Paul had six more of their own. Hear about the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the stirring events that led to Paul’s famous Midnight Ride in April 1775.

Clad in period attire, Lee Riethmiller and Jessa Piaia portray this early 19th century couple of "forthright hospitality and remarkable good humour," as they relive the drama of Colonial unrest that culminated in America’s Revolution, and what followed afterwards during our collective journey from colonist to citizen, when Paul Revere ventured from being a respected artisan into being a successful industrialist in Canton, Massachusetts, during the early days of the new Republic.

This performance in appropriate for people ages 12 and older. The program is funded by the Friends of the Somerville Public Library and all are welcome.

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