Review of Introducing Mr. Charles Dickens

Albert Cremin as Charles Dickens
The SPL blog is delighted to welcome guest blogger Djinnie Timoleon, who has written a piece on Albert Cremin's February 19th performance of his one-man show, Introducing Mr. Charles Dickens. Djinnie is an 11th grader at Prospect Hill Academy, a Library volunteer, and a member of the Library's new Teen Advisory Board. Now, without further ado, I turn you over to Djinnie:

With a dramatic entrance, Albert Cremin caught the attention of the audience from the start. Adults and children alike were impressed at the one-man act that Albert Cremin delivered. In addition to entertaining the audience, Albert Cremin also informed them about the life story and accomplishments of the famous Charles Dickens.

I came to the show with little knowledge about Charles Dickens, but I came out knowing so much more than I had before. At first I knew that Charles Dickens was the author of the well-known story and movie A Christmas Carol. I learned that during his lifetime Charles Dickens was successful in promoting education for children and creating novels that showed his care for his readers and audiences. Charles Dickens also wrote most of his stories for young people but they captured the attention of audiences of all ages. A number of his stories were transformed into films that are watched throughout the world. Albert Cremin performed remarkable acts from different stories written by Charles Dickens. He performed scenes from Oliver Twist, Captain Boldheart, David Copperfield, and The Old Curiosity Shop. The overall performance was filled with comedy, tragedy and emotion which appealed to the audience and made the acts unforgettable. Unfortunately, Albert Cremin could not perform the scene from The Pickwick Papers. Despite not being able to see the scene from The Pickwick Papers, I was glad to have learned about the life and works of Charles Dickens in a captivating way. The show persuaded me to read more novels written by Charles Dickens and it also inspired me to share Dickens’ works with friends and family, so that his brilliant achievements could be acknowledged and honored.

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