Wanted – Your Recipes and Stories!

Somerville Reads 2012, our third annual community reads program, is coming this spring! The theme is food, and we’re asking for your help with two things: recipes and stories.

We will compile a community cookbook so we all can share some of our favorite dishes with our neighbors. A few ideas for recipes you might like to submit include: cooking for a crowd; kid favorites; local roots/ingredients; or family heritage. We’re going to print copies and sell them at our kickoff event, which will be a potluck meal. We hope that people will bring lots of the dishes featured in the cookbook. Proceeds from the sale of the books will go toward future programming at the Libraries.

Here are three ways to submit your recipe:
  • drop it off at any Somerville Public Library location, care of Ellen Jacobs or
  • e-mail it to ejacobs@minlib.net or
  • mail it to:
    Somerville Public Library
    79 Highland Avenue
    Somerville, MA 02143
    Attention: Ellen Jacobs

We don’t know if we’ll be able to print all of the recipes – it depends on how many submissions we get and whether there are duplicates – but we’ll use as many as we can. If you didn't invent the recipe yourself, please make sure that you include credit where it's due (ie: "found this recipe in my mother's old Fanny Farmer" or "clipped this out of the Globe Sunday magazine years ago".) The deadline for submissions is March 1st – we hope you’ll send an idea for something yummy our way!

We’re also asking you to share your stories. We’re planning an open-mike night for people to tell food-themed stories 5 to 10 minutes long. Do you have a good one – maybe a personal experience of trying an exotic dish in a foreign land, a reminiscence of learning to make a family favorite with a grandparent, or a familiar folktale you’ve always loved? Come tell the tale, and hear others tell their stories too!

More details about the kickoff, open-mike night, and other Somerville Reads programs will be coming soon.

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