How to Propose a Library Program

Do you have a skill or passion you would like to share?  If so, consider putting on a program at the library.  People have come in to teach courses or workshops on topics ranging from origami to urban wildlife to watercolor painting.  Musicians have put on concerts.  Political groups have held meetings to discuss pressing issues. Our only requirements for a program are that it be free, open to the public, and take place during library hours. Anyone interested in putting on a program for adults should call 617 623 5000 x2936 to talk to the head of the AV department to propose a program and book the auditorium (be forewarned: the auditorium is one of the few free venues in Somerville so it is often booked months in advance).  Then call 617 623 5000 and ask to speak to PR Librarian Ellen Jacobs to discuss publicity. To suggest a children's program for the Central Library, call 617 623 5000 x2950 to talk to the children's department about what the event entails, the intended age group, and group size limits. The East and West branches host their own children's programs.  To propose a children's program at the West Branch call 617 623 5000 x2977 and ask to speak to Annamarie DiCecca.  To suggest a chidren's program for the East Branch, call 617 623 5000 x2972 to speak to Meghan Forsell.

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