Penguins! Fascinating Facts & Tantalizing Trivia

Today at the Central Library at 11:00, join Dyan deNapoli, The Penguin Lady, for a program that's all about penguins! You'll learn about the biology and behavior of these amazing birds while participating in an interactive experience that's presented in a game-show format. The program is recommended for kids ages 7-12 and families.

Dyan deNapoli is a recognized penguin expert, educator, and author of the new book, The Great Penguin Rescue. After working closely with the penguin colony at Boston’s prestigious New England Aquarium for nine years, she founded her company, The Penguin Lady, to teach audiences worldwide about the biology, behavior, and conservation of these fascinating seabirds. She has been the guest lecturer on nature cruises to Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands, and has presented her penguin programs at numerous libraries, grade schools, colleges, museums, and assisted living facilities. She donates 20% of the proceeds from every appearance to penguin rescue groups. Praised for her engaging presentation style, Dyan has shared her passion for penguins with approximately 250,000 people.

This free program is funded by the Friends of the Library and all are welcome to attend.

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