June's Historic Dates!

The Village PeopleJune 4, 1919: Finding themselves with time on their hands now that World War I is over, the U.S. Marines invade Costa Rica. As President Wilson said, "It keeps them off the streets." June 6, 1844: The Young Men's Christian Association is formed in London. Founder George Williams is heard lamenting, "If only we could think of a catchy song." June 9, 1790: The Philadelphia Spelling Book is the first book copyrighted under the new U.S. Constitution. Even less entertaining volumes soon followed. June 18, 1959: Louisiana Governor Earl Long is committed to the state mental hospital. But since he's still governor, he fires the hospital's director and appoints a new one who promptly releases him. Public office has its perks. June 19, 1865: Two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, slaves in Texas are finally told they're free. Hey, no sense in rushing things.

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