How much is your Library worth to you?

Did you know that the Somerville Public Library runs on less than 1% of the City's total budget? Annually, the Library spends less than the cost of one hard cover book per resident to make the entire Massachusetts public library system (370 libraries, networks, and regions) available to everyone in Somerville. These resources include books, movies and music, magazines and newspapers, free Internet access, online databases, friendly assistance from skilled, professional librarians, and much more - an abundance of resources that inform, educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of Somerville residents. The Library provides great value for your tax dollars and saves you money each time you borrow materials, utilize computer resources, or attend programs. Use the calculator provided below to find out exactly how much money you would you spend out of pocket for the free services provided to you by the Somerville Public Library. Library Use Value Calculator This calculator is used with the permission of the New York Library Association.

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