Historic December Dates!

botanical drawing of potato plantDecember 3, 1586: According to some sources, Sir Thomas Harriot introduces the potato to England on this date--because if there's one thing Northern Europe doesn't have enough of, it's root vegetables. December 11, 1919: Deciding that monuments to tapeworms or mosquitoes would just be kind of gross, the citizens of Enterprise, Alabama dedicate a monument to the boll weevil. December 16, 1773: The Boston Tea Party.  Disgruntled colonists dump 340 crates of tea into Boston Harbor to protest taxes. Only 50 or so people show up, but some of the louder, more obnoxious town criers exaggerate attendance figures. December 17, 1875: Violent bread riots in Montreal. When you want croissants, baguettes are as good a reason to smash windows as any. December 26, 1854: History records that paper made from wood pulp was first publicly exhibited in Buffalo on this date--which tells you more about entertainment options in Buffalo than it does about paper manufacturing.

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