Looking for a Good Read?

NoveList logoHave you ever felt bereft upon realizing that you've read every last book by one of your favorite authors?  Let NoveList come to your rescue!  NoveList is an online tool that lets you use a favorite author or title as a template to locate other books you might like.  You can click on the "Author Read-alike" link to find authors whose books are similar to the novels your favorite author writes.  You can also look up a favorite book by title and then click on the "Find Similar Books" link in the listing that appears.  NoveList also has a "Describe a Plot" feature that allows you to enter your own descriptive terms to search for books that might interest you.  Other features include: Award Winners - Check out these lists of award-winning titles in various genres. Book Discussion Guides - Guides include author information, plot summaries, questions and answers, and suggested titles for further reading. Feature Articles - Brief discussions of selected books by genre or theme. Recommended Reads - Not sure where to start?  NoveList's suggested reading lists are compiled by experienced librarians and cover a wide variety of subjects in all genres. What We're Reading - Find out what some of your favorite authors and reviewers are reading, and why. To get to NoveList:
  • go to the Library catalog
  • click on the Research & Information button (on the long blue bar near the top of the page)
  • click on Databases
  • scroll down and click on NoveList
Give it a try - you might just find new authors and books to love!

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