What do big teeth have to do with cheap books?

kronosaurus skull

Just this: when you buy books (and other items like CDs and movies) at the Friends of the Somerville Public Library's book sale, the proceeds help to fund library programs, including the Museum Pass program. The particular big teeth pictured here belong to a fossil kronosaurus on exhibit at Harvard's Museum of Natural History. Harvard's Museum of Natural History is one of the many museums the Library offers passes to, so that Somerville residents can visit them for free, or at a substantial discount. See the connection? Okay, I know what you're thinking - cheap books, music, and movies sound good. Ditto free or cheap admission to amazing museums. But what about food? Will there be food? Well, of course there will be food! The Friends' book sale would not be the much-loved community event that it is without the the delicious home-baked goodies on offer at the accompanying bake sale. So come on down! Get great deals on books and more, support the Library, meet and greet fellow Somervillians, and if you happen to see a brownie with your name on it, you can sink your teeth into that.

  • Friday, May 9th, 4-6 pm (preview for Friends who have joined at the $50 level or higher)
  • Saturday, May 10th, 10 am -4 pm
  • Sunday, May 11th, 1-3 pm

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